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Free album downloads - Happy Holidays

To celebrate the holidays, both of Brendan's albums, SilverQuick and Long Night Coming are available for download free of charge until the end of the year. Download HERE.

Free Song Download


Download "Margaret" from Brendan's album SilverQuick for free. It tells the story of a woman pushed to the edge. Get it HERE.

SilverQuick now on iTunes


Brendan's album SilverQuick is now on iTunes... complete with a "Parental Advisory" tag. See it HERE.

Somerville Songwriter Sessions


Read a quick Q & A Brendan did with the Somerville Songwriter Sessions ahead of Saturday's show. Brendan talks about his music, performing, and radio work, and how it all blends together. Find it HERE.

Bob Dylan


Brendan will be playing a few Bob Dylan songs at the next WUMB Member Concert in Somerville, MA on 5/29/2013, in recognition of Dylan's 72nd birthday. More info can be found HERE.



I'm very proud of my city, Boston, today and every day. My heart goes out to the victims of the recent violence here, and at the same time I'm uplifted by the deep compassion this city has shown for each other. I love my home. ~Brendan

It's Not Dark Yet


Each week Mike Mellor and Brendan talk music on THE KILLING FLOOR blog. Check 'em out.

New Live Recordings


Check out and download a couple new live songs on SoundCloud, including Brendan's version of Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed", recorded live at the Crossroads Coffeehouse in North Andover, MA on 1/12/2013. .

Happy 2013


New shows underway for 2013. Check out the "Shows" page. To book a house concert with Brendan, contact booking [at]

Weekly CD Giveaways On Facebook


Brendan will give away a couple CDs per week during the holidays via his Facebook page. Check in to see when the latest giveaway is happening.

WUMB Radio Shows

Summer/Fall/Winter 2012

You can find Brendan hosting radio programs throughout each week at WUMB 91.9 FM in Boston and online at

Short review and Noisetrade download link to Brendan's debut record from 2009


A recent Muruch blog review of Brendan's first record, Long Night Coming. Read it HERE.

Boston Blues Society interview


Re-visit an interview with Brendan conducted by Mike Mellor for the Boston Blues Society in 2010. Brendan and Mike talk about music and other things, right after the release of Brendan's first record, Long Night Coming. Read it HERE.

Performer Magazine review of SilverQuick


Performer Magazine reviewed Brendan's new CD, SilverQuick, recently. Read it HERE.

Birthday show in Boston with The Pines - June 12, 2012


Come to The Red Room @ Cafe 939 in Boston on Tuessday, 6/12 for a show with The Pines. Yes, its Brendan's birthday. Details HERE.

Boston Globe Review of SilverQuick


The Boston Globe reviewed Brendan's new CD, SilverQuick, recently. Read it HERE.

Last Night


I literally cried on stage last night. That has never happened before.

I feel lucky to be able to make music (this particular kind, made on a stage in front of people, is performance art, I guess; as opposed to writing or recording which is totally different), and to put it out there for whatever reason; into the cosmos to knock around into anything or to careen into nothing at all.

I'm not talking about "making a living". If I wanted that, I'd make toilet seats or something. I don't care about that. All I know is that making music can sometimes be a religious experience; some seriously spiritual stuff, almost like you could control the planets or summon the tides. Totally bared, gushing emotion; a swelling connection to something very raw and visceral. Imagine the most intense orgasm you've ever had with someone you love, and multiply it. Yes, it's sexual, but also it's not. It's just a connection to the source of something endless and deep; the root feeling.

I'm surprised I'm able to go there and come back. Or at least to my own version of it. There's a whole lot I don't know about myself, and while I'm surprised to see that I can still be thrown for a loop, I guess I'm lucky that I'm getting a chance to learn a thing or two and to try to figure something out; the next step, the next clue, or the next lifting of some kind of veil. It's uncomfortable and ungraceful but it's somehow natural.

If you see me, I'm an emotional wreck lately. I'm as likely to vomit forth everything within me as I am to be not there at all. Last night I cried on a stage.

~ Brendan

Boston-area SilverQuick CD Release Show on April 26th


Come to the Boston-area CD release show for my new album SilverQuick at Club Passim in Harvard Square, Cambridge on Thursday, 4/26 with special guest Peter Parcek. Details HERE.

FIRST LISTEN: Brendan Hogan's new album SilverQuick. Available at


Band website design

The new album, SilverQuick, is available as a "Do What You Want With It" release. That is, it was written and recorded it as an album (with lyrical threads and themes tying songs together) to be listened to as an album, but once you buy it you may do with it as you please: Burn it into your iTunes library, or give it to a friend. But please do it justice at least once and sit down at a CD player and listen to it with the booklet.

SilverQuick, is available via PayPal (or credit card) 4 different ways: (Each purchase comes with a 4" x 6" oval b&w sticker that reads "I STILL BUY RECORDS".)

1.) A copy of the new CD SilverQuick, featuring 12 new songs, as well as a 10+ page booklet with lyrics, detailed instrumentation notes, artwork, and other info. $10 + $2 postage (in the US).

2.) A copy of the new CD SilverQuick and my debut CD Long Night Coming for $15 + $3 postage (in the US).

3.) A copy of the new CD SilverQuick and typewriter-written lyrics to one of the songs from the album (your choice of song, or I can choose randomly). $20 + $2 postage (in the US).

4.) A copy of the new CD SilverQuick and typewriter-written lyrics to all of the songs from the album. $30 + $3 postage (in the US).

Merry Christmas


Here's my version of a John Prine Christmas song. Silent Night All Day Long by BrendanHoganSongs.

December 2011 Newsletter


A Boston-area show at Johnny D's in Somerville, MA on Tuesday, 12/13, and other news. Read it here.

WUMB "Top 100" 2011 Results


Wow, I came in at number 31 on the listener-voted WUMB "Top 100" artists list for 2011. I'm surprised and honored! Check out the list.

"Big Black Car" on Car Talk


My song "Big Black Car" from the album, Long Night Coming was played on the nationally-syndicated NPR show Car Talk during the weekend of 11/12 - 13/11. Pretty cool, huh?

Sample a Song Off the Upcoming New Brendan Hogan Record


Listen HERE. It's a portion of a song called "Impossible" from an album that will include 11 or 12 brand new songs ranging from folk, "alt-country", and blues-influenced stuff (incl. the so-called "Whitey" Bulger song), stuff that has a sense of humor, stuff as funny as a hole in the head, sad stuff that sounds happy, happy stuff that sounds sad, stuff to do with the city, stuff to do without the city, and even some catchy pop-ish stuff. What does all this stuff have in common? Well, it's all gonna sound a little weird - definitely not like the other record - but it still sounds like me, and it is meant to function as a "solo" record more so than the other one. But it isn't quite a "solo" record either, as you'll find out.

WUMB "Top 100" Artists Voting


You don't have to provide your personal info, first-born child, or anything like that. Hell, you don't even have to "vote" for me if you don't want to. I just think it's a good station, and if you want your voice to shape what is played on their air, then let it be heard. VOTE HERE.

"Series of Dreams" Co-Bill, New WUMB Radio Show, Scheduling House Concerts


Peter Parcek and I will be doing the "Series of Dreams: Songs of Bob Dylan and More" show at the Bull Run in Shirley, MA on Saturday, October 8th. Get your tickets online, or by phone (978) 425-4311. (There's a discount if you get them in advance.)

Still making the new record. A bunch of new songs. Done soon.

I'll be programming and hosting a new radio show on WUMB, 91.9 FM (and streaming online at beginning October 1. It will be called "Dark Was the Night" (after the Blind Willie Johnson recording), and will feature blues, roots, and songwriters from Lightning Hopkins to Steve Earle, Bob Dylan to Bessie Smith. Guest performances and discussions, and music from yours truly, too. The show will air on Saturday nights from 8 PM to 12 AM.

Also, the show will be pre-recorded, leaving me open for gigs/tours. I'd love to play a house concert in your home this Fall/Winter (Saturdays or otherwise). What the hell is a "house concert"? Watch this short YouTube video . It explains the details pretty well. If you're interested, write me at

"Series of Dreams: Songs of Bob Dylan and More" Advance Discount Tickets


Tickets for the October 8 "Series of Dreams: Songs of Bob Dylan and More" co-bill with Peter Parcek at the Bull Run in Shirley, MA are available at an advance discount. Reserve your seat by contacting the venue box office online or by phone, (978) 425-4311.

Free Song Downloads


Get two free song downloads (including a song from the next album in the works) when you join the monthly newsletter mailing list.

Exciting News Coming Soon


Hope you're well. There's some exciting news I look forward to telling you about, beginning next month. I'll keep you posted in next month's newsletter. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, if that's your cup of tea.

Still making the new record. It's coming along really well. I'm happy about that. I also got a mandolin and I like playing it. Never thought I'd say that.

Peter Parcek and I will be doing the "Series of Dreams: Songs of Bob Dylan and More" show at the Bull Run in Shirley, MA on Saturday, October 8th. Get your tickets HERE or call the venue at (978) 425-4311. (There's a discount if you get them in advance). It was a ton of fun at Club Passim in April.

Recording New CD, and Booking House Concerts


Recording new songs for the next album is keeping me busy these days. I'm starting to get excited about how it's coming together, and I look forward to finishing the rest.

In the meantime, I'd love to play a house concert in your home this Fall/Winter. What the hell is a "house concert"? Watch this short YouTube video. It explains the details pretty well. If you're interested, write me at

New Music


James "Whitey" Bulger is an infamous gangster who spent 16 years on the lam before being captured last week in southern CA. Earlier this year I wrote a song inspired by events in his early life for inclusion on an upcoming album. Get a sneak peek here.... And feel free to share.

Listen here.

Long Night Coming - The new CD - Now Available!


Long Night ComingThe new CD, Long Night Coming is now available! Recently called a "raw, honest work featuring a wonderfully world weary voice" (The Hippo News And Culture Weekly), Long Night Coming is Brendan's latest work, featuring 10 songs of sincere singer-songwriter honesty.

Pick up your copy today at iTunes, CD Baby, or direct from us via PayPal.